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Close up view of the base of our 20M vertical antenna that we used.
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This is the 20 Meter vertical antenna that we used for the contest.  It also tuned up nicely on 10 and 15 meters.
(594x890, 119.8KB)
This is our 40 Meter dipole.  We used it on 10M, 20M, 40M, and amazingly 80M for the evening rag chew.  Not bad for home made? huh?
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Our fearless leader after a few sips... :-)
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Power connections to Andrew's radios and power inverters.
(888x596, 77.0KB)
Andrew and his car.  What an antenna farm on wheels!
(887x596, 101.7KB)
The inside of Andrew's car features a ICOM 706 MKIIG remotely mounted, a Yeasu FT-1500M and a pair of power inverters.
(887x595, 63.3KB)
This is Andrew after waking up to realize that the station needs to be torn down.  Doh!
(886x596, 130.8KB)
These are our antennas just before set up.  They are completely home made.  The green one is a 40M dipole.  The brown one is a 20M vertical. We also used sling shots, lead weights, and rope to hang them on nearby victms.. I mean trees.
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MMM...  Beer and Ham Radio..  The perfect mix!
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Since we're all pooor broke college students, we make our own radio equipment, sometimes.  Here's a look at one contact we made using our home made CW key.  Dave (N3HCN) makes the QSO.
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Here's a look at Dave's power set up.  Nice 10 gague off the battery terminals.
(888x597, 81.8KB)

(887x596, 91.6KB)
A good look at the inside of Dave's car.  He also has a ICOM 706 MKIIG. Here you see his paddles which are his preferred method of operating.
(596x890, 54.5KB)
Another look at the inside of Dave's car.
(886x595, 71.1KB)
The QSL party took place in Pete's house about 2 days after Hurricane Isabell.  Pete's house fared better than these people's house, fortunately.
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The front yard of Pete's neighbor.  Those trees were cut down shortly before the party so the utilities could repair the power lines.  Thank goodness they did.  So we could have power for the party.
(886x596, 95.6KB)
A close up look at our home made CW key.
(888x594, 51.4KB)
A close up of Dave's custom plates.
(888x595, 71.6KB)
Pete with his marvelous invention.
(306x584, 20.4KB)
Pete and his car.  Also pictured is his 80 AH gell cell.  Nice for when the power goes out.  It'll run his radios for a few days.
(887x596, 77.3KB)
The inside of Pete's car.  He has an ICOM 2720.
(888x596, 71.9KB)
Pete during the 80M nightly rag chew 0n 3.990.  We got boared contesting and decided to have some good old fashioned Ham Radio fun.
(887x596, 59.9KB)
A look at Pete's 2M setup at his house.  Yes folks.  This IS a Ringo Ranger 2.  So there is no confusion.
(594x890, 38.3KB)
Another look at Pete's antenna.  Don't you wish you could put an antenna up that high.  With this set up he regularily talks to into 4 states and all the way out into the Atlantic.  Makes you sick. Huh?
(594x890, 47.3KB)
Thirsty anybody?  Needless to say, we had a great time.
(888x597, 70.1KB)
Good morning roosters!  Right before we checked in and quickly checked back out.
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