Introducing:  KB3HNS-1

    KB3HNS-1 is my packet node.  It is still somewhat under construction, but I expect it to be on-line relatively soon.  It is a Intel 486DX/4 running at 100MHz.  It runs Debian Linux version 3.01.  The system has no TNC (Terminal Node Controller).  In stead it uses the DSP (Digital Signal Processor) on the sound card (A SoundBlaster 16) to generate the modulation.  A data stream that is similar to an HDLC stream (Synchronous Serial) is generated by the card and can be sent to ther kernel where it is attached to a network interface.  I hope to be able to get into a packet cluster by the end of the summer.  I am currently applying for an IP address so my system can be accessed through the Internet anywhere in the world.  Hope to see you on the air!

Pictures comming soon!